Central Park spans 843 acres, so there is a lot to see and do. On an electric scooter, you can travel faster than you can on foot. That means you can cross longer distances in the same span of time, allowing you to explore more of Central Park on your outing.


Plus, did we mention that the park is pretty hilly in places? Walking or cycling up a lot of hills can be taxing over time, limiting what you can do. A scooter makes it easy and fun to go up and down as many hills as you like, giving you the ultimate freedom and flexibility for your adventures.


Save Your Legs


You are probably going to be doing a lot of walking in Central Park, even if you take a scooter. You are going to want to stop at destinations like the Central Park Zoo, Belvedere Castle, the American Museum of Natural History, the Guggenheim Museum, the Conservatory Garden, and more.


Riding an electric scooter around the park gives you a chance to take a break from walking. That way, when you arrive at your next destination, your legs will be ready for more activities.


Go Green


Because these scooters run on battery power, they are safe for the environment. This is an eco-friendly way to get around Central Park. You will be doing your part to take care of the park and the planet.


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