If you’re an old pro at Central Park and just want to rent a bike for a bit without a tour guide along for the ride, we have the perfect option. Our Central Park Bike rentals allow you to be your own tour guide and be in the driver’s (or biker’s!) seat while you take a ride around the gorgeous Central Park. While we’d love to take you on a tour, you’re more than welcome to conduct your own tour on one of our bikes.


Along with your bike rental, you get a map of central park that will guide you through all of the popular spots. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, or wondering where that next spot that you want to head to is. Central Park Bicycle Rentals gives you everything you need so that your worries are few.


We know that everyone tours the park at a different speed. To accommodate, we offer a number of bike rental duration options. You can cover the entire park, just over 6 miles, in just about an hour. If you just wanted to take quick ride around, get some exercise, and take in the views, nothing too fancy, then an hour tour is just for you.

If you wanted something a little bit longer and to give yourself the chance to make a stop or two at a few attractions, then consider taking a 2 hour bike ride. This will give you the time to ride the distance of the park, stop for a few selfies if that’s your thing, and not have to worry much about that one hour limit.

2 hours still not enough? Planning on making lots of stops, maybe grabbing a bite to eat, and not want to rush back? Then our 3 hour tour is the way to go. You have enough time to ride around the park 3 times (18 miles!) and definitely get your cardio in for the day. Or, if your list of must-see-attractions is a little longer, then you may want to give yourself the 3 hours.

If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of time restrictions at all and want to take your time, take in all of the sites, enjoy a few meals, even take a little nap in the park without worrying about the time, we offer an all day rental.

No matter how long or how short of a ride you want to take, we’ve got you covered!

Ready to book your bike rental? Unfortunately, we don’t accept walk-ins. Just fill out your information below, let us know how many bikes you need (it’s always more fun with friends!), and how long you want to have your bike rental for. When you arrive, we’ll have your bikes ready so that you can hit the park ridding. We schedule our bike rentals so that there are hardly ever any lines for waiting. We know waiting isn’t fun. We won’t make you wait. But we really can’t wait to see you!


Rental Prices

Duration Online Price
1 Hour $15
2 Hours $20
3 Hours $25
All Day $40
Included: brand new bike, helmet, basket, lock

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CANCELLATION POLICY: If rain occurs on the day and time of reserved tour or rental, customer has the option of full credit(for another time and day) or full refund.
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